Lesson 1: September 29-October 5
Lesson 2: October 6-12
Lesson 3: October 13-19
Lesson 4: October 20-26
Lesson 5: October 27-November 2
Lesson 6: November 3-9
Lesson 7: November 10-16
Lesson 8: November 17-23
Lesson 9: November 24-30
Lesson 10: December 1-7
Lesson 11: December 8-14
Lesson 12: December 15-21
Lesson 13: December 22-28

Lesson 8: November 17-23

‘Ye are the light of the world’


MEMORY VERSE: ‘For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light.’ Ephesians 5:8

STUDY HELP:  Christian Service, pages 20-22.

LESSON SCRIPTURE:   Matthew 5:14-16.

LESSON AIM: To study the third means of sanctification symbolised in the Holy Place, the candlestick.




‘Everyone who is connected with God will impart light to others. If there are any who have no light to give, it is because they have no connection with the Source of light. God has appointed His children to give light to others, and if they fail to do it, and souls are left in the darkness of error because of their failure to do that which they might have done, had they been vitalised by the Holy Spirit, they will be accountable to God. We have been called out of darkness into His marvellous light, in order that we may show forth the praises of Christ.’ Christian Service, page 21.


‘A candlestick of pure gold’


1. What was on the south side of the Holy Place of the sanctuary? Exodus 26:35; Exodus 25:31-37. 

NOTE: ‘On the south was the seven-branched candlestick, with its seven lamps. Its branches were ornamented with exquisitely wrought flowers, resembling lilies, and the whole was made from one solid piece of gold.’ Patriarchs & Prophets, page 348.


2. How often were the lamps on the candlestick to be lit? Exodus 30:8, first part; Leviticus 24:2-4. When were the seven lamps to be tended? Exodus 30:7; 2 Chronicles 13:11.

NOTE: ‘There being no windows in the tabernacle, the lamps were never all extinguished at one time, but shed their light by day and by night.’ Patriarchs & Prophets, page 348.


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