Lesson 7: February 11-17

‘The first commandment with promise’


MEMORY VERSE: ‘Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.’ Exodus 20:12. 

STUDY HELP: My Life Today, page 278.

LESSON AIM: To consider the scope of the Fifth Commandment.




‘Parents are entitled to a degree of love and respect which is due to no other person. God Himself, who has placed upon them a responsibility for the souls committed to their charge, has ordained that during the earlier years of life, parents shall stand in the place of God to their children. And he who rejects the rightful authority of his parents is rejecting the authority of God. The fifth commandment requires the children not only to yield respect, submission, and obedience to their parents, but also to give them love and tenderness, to lighten their cares, to guard their reputation, and to succour and comfort them in old age. The fifth commandment is binding upon children as long as their own lives and the lives of their parents are spared.’ Sons & Daughters of God, page 60.


‘Honour thy father and thy mother’


1. What is the fifth of the Ten Commandments? Exodus 20:12.

NOTE: ‘By learning the lessons of obedience, children are not only honouring their parents and lightening their burdens, but they are pleasing One higher in authority. “Honour thy father and thy mother” is a positive command. Children who treat their parents with disrespect, and disregard their wishes, not only dishonour them, but break the law of God. The earlier the will is made to yield to the will of the parents, and the more complete the submission, the less difficult it will be to yield to the requirements of God. And none can hope for the love and blessing of God who do not learn obedience to His commandments, and stand up firmly against temptation.’ Sons & Daughters of God, page 130.


2. On what condition are children to obey their parents? Ephesians 6:1.

NOTE: ‘When children have unbelieving parents, and their commands contradict the requirements of Christ, then, painful though it may be, they must obey God and trust the consequences with Him. . . .  But while children are commanded to obey their parents, parents are also instructed to exercise their authority with wisdom. . . .  Great care should be exercised by parents lest they treat their children in such a way as to provoke obstinacy, disobedience, and rebellion. Parents often stir up the worst passions of the human heart, because of their lack of self-control. They correct them in a spirit of anger, and rather confirm them in their evil ways and defiant spirit, than influence them in the way of right. By their own arbitrary spirit, they thrust their children under Satanic influences, instead of rescuing them from the snares of Satan by gentleness and love. How sad it is that many parents who profess to be Christians, are not converted! Christ does not abide in their hearts by faith. While professing to be followers of Jesus, they disgust their children, and, by their violent, unforgiving temper, make them averse to all religion. It is little wonder that the children become cold and rebellious toward their parents.’ Review & Herald, November 15, 1892.

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