God’s Fingerprints in the World


Lessons for the 2nd Quarter, 2022

General Introduction


COMPILER’S NOTE:  People say there is no God.  But is there evidence in the world of God at work? We may say I know He lives, He lives within my heart.  But this does not convince  the person in the street. How can we  show them there is a God? Has God left Himself with any evidence concerning Himself in this rebellious world. There are indeed evidences  in our world that there is a power at work beyond our understanding.  These are the what could be termed the fingerprints of God that He has placed in a world that denies his existence. 

Humanity thinks it is independent of God and that this world is theirs to order and direct, to save or destroy, or to manipulate and change as earthly powers think fit. Each week will reveal an aspect of God’s hand at work, something we see around us for which there is no explanation without something Divine. The consistency of day and night, the march of the seasons, the workings of our body and our lifespan,  The sense of morality - right and wrong, the sense of fairness, the sense of wanting to be better, even the concept of law, and judgement and penalties, or hero worship, role models and praise. 

We may take many of these evidences without even thinking. The lessons this quarter will examine some of these indestructible fingerprints that we may take for granted.

‘In the study of the sciences also, we are to obtain a knowledge of the Creator. All true science is but an interpretation of the handwriting of God in the material world. Science brings from her research only fresh evidences of the wisdom and power of God. Rightly understood, both the book of nature and the written word make us acquainted with God by teaching us something of the wise and beneficent laws through which He works.

The student should be led to see God in all the works of creation. Teachers should copy the example of the Great Teacher, who from the familiar scenes of nature drew illustrations that simplified His teachings, and impressed them more deeply upon the minds of His hearers. The birds carolling in the leafy branches, the flowers of the valley, the lofty trees, the fruitful lands, the springing grain, the barren soil, the setting sun, gilding the heavens with its golden beams, all served as means of instruction. He connected the visible works of the Creator with the words of life which He spoke, that whenever these objects should be presented to the eyes of His hearers, their thoughts might revert to the lessons of truth He had linked with them.

The impress of Deity, manifest in the pages of revelation, is seen upon the lofty mountains, the fruitful valleys, the broad, deep ocean. The things of nature speak to man of his Creator’s love. He has linked us to Himself by unnumbered tokens in heaven and in earth. This world is not all sorrow and misery. “God is love,” [1 John 4:8.] is written upon every opening bud, upon the petals of every flower, and upon every spire of grass. Though the curse of sin has caused the earth to bring forth thorns and thistles, there are flowers upon the thistles, and the thorns are hidden by roses. All things in nature testify to the tender, fatherly care of our God, and to His desire to make His children happy. His prohibitions and injunctions are not intended merely to display his authority, but in all that He does, He has the well-being of his children in view. He does not require them to give up anything that it would be for their best interest to retain.’ Christian Education,  pages 66-67.


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