EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

1) Value the individual’s personal data supplied to us and make sure we demonstrate trust and consideration.


2) Comply with the law when it comes to management of personal information and undertake to guarantee moral standards.


3) Study and address the privacy of individuals when holding personal information in an appropriate manner when updating any new systems within Truth For Today.


4) Be clear with persons about how we use their information and how it was obtained.


5) Persons can update their personal data at any time by email or written confirmation to Truth For Today.


6) Persons can ask for their data to be removed at any time from our organisation by email or written authorisation to Truth For Today.


7) To retain personal information to the minimum legal requirement with a facility to remove when no longer required.


8) Any individual’s personal data will not be traded to a third party for advertising, marketing, promotion or for any other reason.


9) Current protections updated to facilitate personal information is kept safe.


10) To ensure suitable assets in place for looking after personal details.


11) Frequently inspect our system for updates required.


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