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These lessons arose from an expressed need for a worthwhile and trustworthy programme of Bible Study, providing relevant and digestible spiritual food in a climate of anxiety, fear for the future, and superficiality – for a world that clicks and surfs, is perplexed and has no foundation. Bible teaching has become discussion where each one’s view is as valid as another’s.  Much of what passes for Bible study today focuses on the opinions of individuals, and so provides no solidity to give purpose or security amidst the changes and fears which surround us. In these lessons ‘I think’ has been replaced by ‘Thus saith the Lord’.


Truth for Today has been working since 1991 to provide helpful and straightforward, life-changing knowledge of the Bible in a variety of forms for both Christians and non-Christians.  On-going daily study in the Word of God has been necessary to be able to maintain this work.  Truth for Today has provided a Bible Study Course by post that has been sent to more than 50 different countries. This has been supplemented by other courses – Health and Hope, Remember the Sabbath Day, and Death and Beyond that are available in print, and on-line - with supporting booklets and leaflets on a variety of topics. 

The choice of topics for these Sabbath School lessons arises from the variety of questions people send us, seeking something personal from God, and asking what the Bible is really all about.  Is the Bible relevant today? 


Truth for Today works by faith and does not ask for funds for the work it does, but through prayer and trust the Lord blesses day by day with miracles large and small. It is out of this living knowledge and delight in God that these lessons come to you, offering you a sure foundation, to give you understanding of the Scriptures, optimism in God and the opportunity to change your life for the better – in fact the living Truth for Today.


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